3 Orthopedic Industry Trends: What we learned at recent tradeshows

ConferenceAt Metal Craft and Riverside Machine and Engineering, we pay attention to the latest news and trends within the industries we serve. Recently we’ve discussed manufacturing, aerospace, and defense, but after attending two recent tradeshows, OMTEC and OrthoTec, we have the medical device industry in mind.

The two conferences focus on the design, manufacturing, and productivity of orthopedics implants and devices.The shows both featured both conferences where attendees could hear industry updates as well as learn about new products, as well as a technical exhibit where device manufacturers and suppliers of all types showcase their products and services in front of top industry officials.

Here are three major trends we saw while attending and meeting with industry leaders at these shows:

Lower Costs-Post-recession or not, it’s clear the industry wants to cut costs. Whether this involves self-reflection on what lean practices can be implemented to trim production costs in the company or evaluating ROI, lower numbers are better—unless, of course, you’re talking in terms of profit. This is why Metal Craft and Riverside partner with our customers to find best practices and find ways to cut costs and still be profitable for both parties.

Faster Turnaround Time- With new technologies sweeping every major medical market, it’s no surprise the turnaround time is getting quicker. But, this doesn’t mean companies can skimp on quality—investors still expect the same, if not better, standards at a faster pace. That is why Metal Craft has recently invested in multiple new floor CMM’s. This allows for faster first article checks so we can get projects moving faster while ensuring the quality standard we live up to.

Automation Investments- Investing in suppliers with automation equipment is a key part of manufacturing in this day and age. Technology is rapidly increasing, which means less manpower is required to produce more products. It response to this trend, Metal Craft has recently purchased two Integrex i-150 Mill Turns, three new Fanuc Wire EDM’s with a Robotic Loader, and a Robotic Loading 7-Axis CNC Anca Grinder.

Trade Shows not only allow us to connect with long time customers and meet new ones, it also allows us to get an insight to where the industry is and where it is going. We are committed to staying with current trends and offering the best service, quality, and experience in the medical device industry. To see what shows we will be attending next, follow the link and visit our website.

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