Design for Manufacturability

Tim Kilness - Director of Engineering

Tim Kilness – Director of Engineering

As we continue to look for ways to enhance our partnerships with our customers, we are focusing more and more on Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services. When manufacturing components for our customers, we work with them from idea conception to delivery, ensuring that the entire process is done efficiently, safely, and in a cost saving manner.

At Metal Craft and Riverside, we like to get involved with our customers’ projects as early on in the design stage as possible. Design for Manufacturability allows us to work with the client from the beginning to make any necessary changes to reduce cost and time spent on each project.

Design for Manufacturability optimizes the entire manufacturing process, such as fabrication, assembly, test, and procurement. When the designers and manufacturers collaborate, the whole process is streamlined because geometry, tolerances, and materials are handled together, without any costly and unneeded operations.

We know that when you’re developing a new product, you have to decide whether or not to use off-the-shelf parts. These components are less expensive than DFM parts, but aren’t customized to the exact needs and specifications of the customer. That’s why we offer a full line of Design for Manufacturability services.

Our trained and experienced manufacturing team uses the most advanced modeling software to prepare your components for use in our Design for Manufacturability services. Additionally, Design for Manufacturability can be extremely useful when determining material type, material form, tolerances, design and shape, and the correct drawing dimensions and content. Our team will work with you to make sure that drawing notes, drawing layouts, and specifications are handled for your particular needs.

Remember, when considering cost saving options, Design for Manufacturability is an effective and time-saving way to produce components. We understand the importance of excellent product development. Our dedicated and experienced staff is available to meet all of your DFM needs while saving you time and money.


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