Encouraging the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

Fotosearch_k1099017Earlier this year, our CEO Trisha Mowry and our president Jack Mowry were highlighted in the Bone Zone publication. The article centered on a recent major growth spurt for Metal Craft, stemming off of their outstanding leadership and commitment to customer support, and as the second-generation leadership for the company, they have a lot of insight on what it’s like to be successful.

For Trisha and Jack, the introduction to this industry started at a young age when they would stop by (or work) Metal Craft, but not all young Americans get the same exposure. Because of this, the siblings are looking to raise awareness to not only help their own business, but the future of all others. Metal Craft has made a considerable effort to reach out to local colleges and partner with school to get students familiar with the industry and future possibilities.

“It is important they recognize what the requirements are to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. rather than going offshore,” Trisha said. “It’s critical as funding is getting cut for schools and their extended programs.”

Not only is STEM education an important part of curriculum, but there needs to be an emphasis on communication and accountability. To build a sustainable future, we need to get the next generation more involved—and we’re not alone in thinking this way. There are plenty of movements on social media looking to raise awareness, and many manufacturers are joining forces to getting the word out.

In a time when many manufacturers are cutting back and reducing labor, we’re thriving—and we’re looking to continue. Part of this lies in finding the right people, which has proven to be more of a challenge than expected these days—putting an emphasis on the importance of STEM.

What part does your business have in building the future of manufacturing workers? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at us.

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