How Metal Craft and Riverside Machine and Engineering Serve Customers

We recently wrote about Metal Craft and Riverside Machine and Engineering celebrating 35 years of quality, service, and innovation. While both companies celebrate this accomplishment, we reflect on the separate paths each took to get here. Although they are very similar with shared customers and capabilities, they each have their own special functions which help them stand out in their respective industries.

Metal Craft
Started as a small job shop, Metal Craft has grown steadily since 1978 mastering the trade of Machining. The majority of Metal Craft’s business today falls within the medical industry, with a small portion being in the aerospace industry. Today you can find us at plenty of medical and orthopedic tradeshows throughout the year promoting our precision instruments and complex assemblies.  From long run production to prototyping, we can manufacture even the most complex projects in house.

Specialties: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Swiss, Wire EDM, 7-Axis CNC Grinding, Gundrilling, Welding, Passivation, Complex Assembly, Prototype & Production, and Manufacturing Engineering Support.

Riverside Machine and Engineering
Unlike Metal Craft, Riverside was originally opened as a manufacturing facility for Cray Inc. specializing in manufacturing aluminum brazed cold plates for the original supercomputer. In 1996 it was purchased my Metal Craft and re-named Riverside Machine & Engineering.  Keeping their current customers and adding medical customers, Riverside is a dual industry supplier. Best known for its Aluminum Furnace Vacuum Brazing, Riverside specializes in cold plate and heat sink manufacturing.

Specialties: Aluminum Furnace Vacuum Brazing, Heat Treating, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Swiss, Laser Etching, Passivation, Prototype Services, & Complex Assembly.

Although the two companies are about 120 miles apart and considered separate entities, they owned by the same management. Many other employees are shared and cross trained, which allows us to utilize the same standards and work together as a team—helping us live up to our promise of Quality, Service, and Innovation!

For more information on Metal Craft and Riverside Machine and Engineering, head over to their respective websites.

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