Metal Craft and Riverside Prepares to Attend Industry Tradeshows

Metal Craft and its Riverside Engineering facility are making giant strides in the field of machining, providing a wide range of services to guide companies who are reliant on machining expertise to thrive and maintain market share.

Vendors and service providers who like staying up to date with latest information, innovations and revolutions frequent tradeshows which not only provide a behind the scenes peek at the future development trends of a particular industry but which also act as fertile networking grounds, connecting the right people together and forging mutually beneficial relationships.

As a company that stays ahead, Metal Craft (and Riverside) attends a host of tradeshows every year, the most well noted which include The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting and OMTEC.

Metal Craft looks upon tradeshows as a huge opportunity to present its capabilities to the market. In keeping with that motivation and sentiment, AAOS and OMTEC will bear witness to:

Complex Assemblies – Taking the concept of production to the next level, Metal Craft assembles units with multiple components in standardized workflows so that quality and compliance can be monitored at each and every stage. This service is especially useful if the prototyping phase is followed by the production of a wide array of parts that must fit together with zero tolerance for mismatch.
Turning, Swiss and Gun Drilling – A repertoire of services which no medical equipment production process is complete without, Metal Craft takes pride in its expertise and team for the competent handling of Turning, Swiss and Gun drilling requirements. It uses high-pressure oils and ensures smooth chip free finishes. High precision holes are then used to produce cannulated screws, nails and drills with high repeatability.
Wire EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining or Wire EDM is an advanced machining technique. Medical equipment tends to demand a robust casing and superior finish that is rendered in hard materials. Metal Craft ensures that ionized water is used to flush out the debris that is left behind by charged wires, and the resulting finish is burr free.
Welding – Of interest to medical device manufacturers and the orthopaedic surgery community alike, Metal Craft offers Tig and Laser-beam welding of the highest quality in keeping with the project requirements of shape, metal density, final weight and other considerations. Live demonstrations of these revolutionary techniques will define the showcase of welding abilities.
Laser Etching & Passivation – Laser etching is the most leveraged technique with the help of which medical equipment is organized, traced and identified. The subsequent passivation process is mandatory if the etchings are to be protected from corrosion. Metal Craft is capable of rendering custom client logos on machine parts and specializes in ultrasonic cleaning of the created grooves.
CNC Milling, Machining, and Grinding – Metal Craft offers custom form drills, taps, and reamers rendered with increased efficiency through the use of 7 axis grinding equipment. The Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons has a vested interest in these capabilities which they regularly depend upon for the creation of joint reconstruction, trauma surgery, spine surgery and sports medicine components.

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the AAOS will exhibit the capabilities of participating members in Las Vegas over the 25th to 27th of March and OMTEC will take place in Chicago Convention Center over the 17th to 18th of June 2015.

Make sure you spend time perusing the stalls and demonstrations of Metal Craft to imbue your work with the know-how of top notch services and best practices.

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