Metal Craft & Riverside Supports MFG Day

Are you ready to take part in Manufacturing Day? The significance of this day is not to recognize all the hard work manufacturers put in day in and day out but to help expose the truth about manufacturing. Too often, this industry is thought of as a dreary job, when, in fact, it’s an exciting career. To prevent this ideal of manufacturing being anything other than innovative, inspiring and rewarding, this special day gives us the opportunity to strut our stuff.

Metal Craft will be hosting a tour
on Tues Oct 6th from 2:00-7:00pm

This Manufacturing Day, October 2nd, we mfgday15encourage everyone to engage with young students. Now that STEM is being heavily pushed and early on throughout education, it may be easier than ever to expose the truth about how a career in manufacturing has many rewarding advantages to it. Whether they’re considering entering the industrial workforce or not, it’s up to us to promote the many benefits of manufacturing.

Allowing students to understand how working together to reach an end goal is at the heart of what it means to be a manufacturer. Showing students that products and parts are being made right in their local towns to be used around the country may help open their minds, answer their questions and trigger their interest in this wonderful industry.

We at Metal Craft & Riverside strive to promote manufacturing to our local youth not just on Manufacturing day but throughout the entire year. Whether it’s attending college job fairs, or inviting students to visit our facilities first hand, we are committed to stimulating the next generation into choosing manufacturing as their career choice. This
Manufacturing Day will be no different as we open our doors Tuesday, October 6th from 2:00- 7:00pm for a facility tour. We look forward to meeting with any attendees and to what the rest of the country’s manufacturers do to recognize this day.

Are you unsure where to start? Contact us orcheck out for tips and ideas on how you can contribute.

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