Offering a Full Range of High-Tech Solutions to Medical Manufacturing

For a family-run operation, Metal Craft has made huge strides in the OEM industry.  With 2011 marking the year that the largest native-born generation of Americans, the Baby Boomers, turns 65, our country will see a staggering number of retirees in ever greater need of quality medical care. 10,000+ people are now expected to reach retirement age every single day for the next 19 years in America. Our country’s healthcare system will somehow need to meet the overwhelming need of hospitals, clinics, and homecare providers to operate and help rehab patients after all types of procedures and operations.

Metal Craft manufactures medical-grade knee, hip, and spinal implants for retirees who wish to retain their standard way of living despite their age.  In addition, Metal Craft is excited to be working with a new partner, Sonoma Orthopedic Products, to produce clavicle, arm, and wrist implants to make the pain and recovery of surgery as minimal as possible. Their new WaviBody ® technology makes it easier to get the implant in place with less damage to surrounding structures. This is just one way Metal Craft is helping others to constantly improve healthcare. Furthermore, we specialize in making surgical tools for all types of specialized surgery: bone, musculature, heart-related surgical devices, and others as well. One particular device we’re particularly fond of having contributed to is a heart stabilizer that allows for a heart to beat freely even as it undergoes direct surgery. Few companies in America can claim to make such touchstone, life-saving devices from almost scratch.

We’re happy with our medical manufacturing work here at Metal Craft, so much that we entreat you to browse our website and see for yourself what we can offer you in terms of medical devices.

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