Quality Time Spent at OMTEC this June

As we in our industry all know well, the retirement of the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation is truly upon us. As this huge demographic finally makes its well-earned exit from center stage, a question remains: what comes next? What’s the next chapter in their lives? If we at Metal Craft and Riverside Engineering have anything to say on the matter, what happens next is a long, happy, and productive respite for those who led the U.S. into our greatest era of national prosperity ever. As a company that provides design and machining services for OEM medical manufacturers, we want to help build the tools and applications that our retirees need to continue enjoying their lives at full capacity.

To that effect, this June our company exhibited in Chicago at the foremost orthopedic exposition in North America, OMTEC. OMTEC, (Orthopedic Manufacturing and Technology Exposition) is an annual “meeting-of-the-minds” for companies and organizations involved with providing both surgical and non-surgical means of treating musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative diseases.  It is where OEM’s can partner together with manufacturers to develop relationships needed to manufacture products of high quality and get faster delivery to market at a cost that’s in line with the rigors of the ever changing healthcare debate. The demand for minimally evasive procedures, faster recovery, and improved patient outcomes while trying to produce a high quality product at a cheaper price has been a challenge for OEM’s and manufacturers; with the addition of more requirements it has also limited the ability to be innovative.

Going on nine years, OMTEC allows for major players in the orthopedic industry to meet up face-to-face with each other, talk shop and plan business ventures, and gain a better sense of the latest technological and procedural developments in orthopedic medicine.

We had a great time meeting up with fellow businesses, as well as presenting our own work and findings in panel discussions with our peers. We found new companies to partner with, and discussed new strategies for developing OEM medical technology to keep safe the health of our senior population. With record numbers of hospitals and senior care centers being rapidly constructed in cities, suburbs, and towns across America, our medical industry is at a historic watershed moment. It would be amiss to pass up on the opportunity – and the privilege – of ensuring that the Baby Boomer Generation continues thriving for many years to come.

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