Save the Date: June 25 Ribbon Cutting!

At Metal Craft and Riverside, our community is a large part of who we are. We’re actively involved, and we believe that much of our success comes from our supportive and thriving community.

As we grow, we actively encourage the members of our area to be a part of this growth, which includes the hiring of many local graduates. This also means welcoming all members of the community to join us when we celebrate. Therefore, we are very excited to do just that on June 25th, when we will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house at our new Riverside facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

We’ll welcome and involve all of our neighbors and friends, including the Chamber of Commerce, state and local government officials and local high school and college students—possibly future members of our team! We’ll be showing our guests what we do daily, who we are, and how they can benefit from rewarding careers in manufacturing and engineering.

Of course, we’ll also be doing a lot of celebrating! There will be food games, and prizes. The local news stations will be on site to document the festivities. Of course, everyone at Metal Craft and Riverside is very excited for the event. We can’t wait to cut the ribbon, open our doors, and continue to share our happiness and success with the members of our community. A community who has played a great role in it for many years, and will for many more years to come. For more information about this exciting event, please e-mail us at today!

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