Time for a Manufacturing Re-Brand

Often times, in the manufacturing world, the medical instrument manufacutringterm “manufacturing” gets a short-sighted explanation. It’s defined by Merriam-Webster as the process of making products especially with machines in factories. This is a very broad, dull, and unfair way to define an innovative and indispensable industry.

Manufacturing is not just production lines of machines and people pumping out large amounts of goods, it has come a long way from those traditional views. Nowadays manufacturing is much more exciting than ever before. It involves revolutionary technology, science, engineering, business, and marketing. In our modern age, we shouldn’t let old fashioned ideals of manufacturing prevent us from considering it as a potential career path.

The stigma that surrounds manufacturing is that of a dirty old job shop with grimy floors, oily machines and filth scattered throughout. Now picture this; high ceilings, spotless white floors and natural light beaming through a manufacturing facility each day. As you walk through a contemporary architecturally designed office, ‘Think Pods’ that allow space for designers and engineers to collaborate, modularize work and create connectivity throughout a workforce align the halls. Manufacturing today is modern. Manufacturing is clean. Manufacturing is innovative.

At Metal Craft & Riverside, we partner with many local communities to drive this message even further. We connect with local high schools, tech schools, and colleges in efforts to disrupt old interpretations of manufacturing. We encourage any interested students or graduates to consider choosing manufacturing as their professional field. We welcome them to tour our facilities to get a true sense of its culture and impact.

We also welcome any manufacturing professionals seeking employment to check out our openings. If you’re in search of a rewarding and challenging career that comes with the dignity of knowing your work is serving other major industries, an opportunity may await you at Metal Craft & Riverside. To join our mission of delivering quality metal parts for the aerospace, defense and medical industries check out our career center website.

Let’s rebrand manufacturing to what it should present; a meaningful, enjoyable, and innovative industry.

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