Two Companies in Two Different States, One Seamless Operation

MetalCraft RiversideMetal Craft and Riverside Engineering began as two distinct companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin with 120 miles of Interstate highway stretching between them. It didn’t take long before both companies were flourishing in their respective market niches: Metal Craft’s emphasis on CNC milling and machining for medical devices and implants allowed it to take on a variety of high-run, high-return production assignments. Meanwhile, Riverside’s solutions-based engineering allowed for it to claim respectable numbers of high-end clients in the defense, aerospace, electronics, and medical fields.

Then, in 1996, Metal Craft made the crucial decision to acquire Riverside Engineering, after realizing that Riverside’s machining and engineering capabilities would allow it a competitive edge in manufacturing, as well as an inroad into serving new, steadily growing markets. While every acquisition comes with its attendant risks, Metal Craft’s decision proved wise: it was a marriage of true minds right from the start. Each company was able to complement the other’s respective abilities, staff, and machinery; and this remains the case even to the current day.

As the situation stands currently, Metal Craft and Riverside Engineering retain their respective facilities in their respective states. They even have their own respective websites. But everything else they share in common, including the same production software, the same qualitative guidelines, and the same machining capabilities.

But that’s not the half of it. Since our companies’ staffs have grown interchangeable, personnel from one facility are available to help with a particular ongoing project in the other. The engineers, machinists, quality control managers, and welders of Metal Craft and Riverside Engineering view themselves as all being part of one team. Though 120 miles of woods, prairies, lakes, and macadam might separate our two “branches”, we’re able to operate seamlessly for the benefit of any given customer, in any given assignment.

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