Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Heat Treating Capabilities at Riverside

Riverside Exterior

This past summer we opened our new Riverside Machine and Engineering facility, a 159,000 square foot section of a building located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, giving us the ability to offer our customers more services, space, development, and support.  We’re excited to be able to meet and exceed the following objectives:

  • To optimize the space to be able to provide improved flow for business needs in the Aviation, Space, & Defense and Medical Device markets. Our primary focus on two segments: Aluminum Vacuum Brazed products and Surgical/Medical Device manufacturing.
  • To execute the move with limited down time per machine, department, cell and personnel by using a planned, staged execution of take down, move, install, and qualification activities.
  • To maintain our commitment to our customers to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

We’re also thrilled to sharRiverside Furnacee with you our new and enhanced aluminum vacuum furnace brazing and heat-treating capabilities. Our process creates a leak-tight bond down to 10-7 STD cc/sec of helium, along with our non-corrosive, cleaner, and stronger joining methods. Vacuum brazing is perfect for oxidation-sensitive alloys that are commonly used in the Aviation, Apace,& Defense industriesRiverside Furnace.

Whatever your industry or application, our engineering staff will work as an extension of your team to deliver your desired results with our vacuum brazing prototype to production services. We also provide solution heat-treating and quenching of 6061 aluminum for the production of cold plates, heat sinks, and custom brazing projects. Every piece we manufacture complies with stringent industry specifications defined within the following: AWSC 3.7, MIL-B-7883, and AMS 2770.

Learn more about new facility and our aluminum vacuum furnace brazing and heat treating capabilities here.


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