When It Comes to Medical Devices, the Future Will Be Customized

The idea of “limitless customization” of applications and products has long been present in small and mid-level manufacturers and suppliers across North America. In order to retain customers and attain profits, such companies have always needed to go “the extra mile” as far as being flexible in providing clients with customized equipment that caters to specific, respective applicative needs. It is a talent for customized precision that Metal-Craft and Riverside Machine have managed to maintain and perfect over the years, and it is a talent that is beginning to attract the notice of many of the largest companies in the OEM medical device manufacturing, aerospace/defense, and technology industries

We set out to fabricate parts for tomorrow’s medical devices that emphasize flexibility, utility, and specificity. For example, a specific doctor at a specific hospital or clinic may find him or herself performing upwards of 50 surgeries a day; with tools that don’t align perfectly with the size and shape of his or her hands. A doctor needs surgical equipment that’s going to be more comfortable to get them through the long days and nights of decision-intensive surgery, where the question of life-or-death is oftentimes on the line.

As with doctors, so with patients: we’ve built custom implants for hip and knee replacement surgical procedures. One particular case study involved a woman who had multiple fractures in both her previous hip and knee implants. Her femur bone was degraded such that any standard implant would only contribute to her hip and/or knee fracturing again. We found a workaround solution where we provided her with a device unique to our engineering expertise that let her solve her problem once and for all. Now she’s up and walking like the best of them.

We also aim to be the nation’s best custom braze house. Specializing in aluminum vacuum furnace brazing, we can customize any type of heat sink or cold plate for any project you might have.  With thousands or even millions of dollars into your project you can’t risk going anywhere else to protect the most important of instruments.  We have been thankful to be a part of numerous projects that have had a great impact for our client and the country and look forward to continuing to work on such fulfilling projects.

This is just part of our initiative to let industries and markets know just how flexible and capable our experience is when it comes to customization.  Take a look at today; world renowned companies like Chrysler and GM are releasing cars for the first time that feature hundreds of thousands of potential customizable options for drivers to pick from. All we can say is that it’s a good thing they’re taking a page from small manufacturing’s long-time playbook – it will only increase their competitiveness in the long-run. The future belongs to the customizers, in medicine and elsewhere. Contact Metal-Craft or Riverside Machine today to see what customized options we can develop for your specific needs and expectations.

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