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Wire EDM & Hole Popping

Metal Craft uses wire EDM and hole popping to accurately produce your delicate parts or machine extremely hard materials. Our service is also excellent for making high tolerance pieces and complex shapes. Metal Craft’s wire EDM process uses a charged wire to cut through conductive materials with the heat produced by electrical sparks. Deionized water then removes the particles, flushing them away and leaving a burr-free finish. Our hole popping machining uses a brass or copper rod to bore through the metal instead of wire. Metal Craft provides you with an excellent burr-free finish as always! Our specialty equipment allows us to provide you with full CNC 5-Axis Wire EDM services. We machine all five sides in one set up, allowing for quick, accurate delivery and a very repeatable process. Our products have been used across many industries.


• Hole Master HM400 (High-speed hole popping) - 16.0"x16.0"x12.0" travel, hole sizes 0.012" - 0.118", plus or minus 0.0002" positioning
• Charmille 310 - 5 axis EDM, Ch control, .004-.012 wire cap., 30 degree taper at 15-3/4", 15-3/4" x 10" table
• (4 qty.) Brother HS-70A Wire EDM .006-.012 wire cap., 22.8" x 15.3" x 6.7" travel

Electronic discharge machining using an electronically charged wire to erode any conductive material.


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