Metal Craft Heads To Chicago For NASS 2015

As a leader in the precision machining services for orthopedics and medical industries, we’re happy to not only be attending NASS but to also be exhibiting. At our Booth #1315 we will be engaging, demonstrating, and discussing how our medical device and implant manufacturing have been used and trusted for over 30 years. Our medical instrument manufacturing methods include 5 Axis CNC machining, CNC grinding, gun drilling, wire EDM and much more.

NASS provides us with the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and discuss any enhancements in the field with our colleagues and other like-minded industry leaders. We’re always keeping current with the latest in spine science development. We are honored to offer our services to this influential industry.

NASS has become a learning place with all the best thought leaders under one roof. Many demonstrations, keynote speakers, Surgical Innovation Labs and workshops within the program round it out to be an extremely valuable experience.

We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting potential customers who are looking for a trusted name in medical manufacturing. We’re enthusiastic to explain our capabilities and quality assurance in manufacturing medical prototypes and devices.

If you’re attending NASS, don’t miss the chance to speak with one of our experts at Booth # 1315. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

We anticipate making connections, rekindling existing customer relationships and learning a great deal at the 30th annual NASS meeting. We hope to see you there!

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Metal Craft & Riverside Supports MFG Day

Are you ready to take part in Manufacturing Day? The significance of this day is not to recognize all the hard work manufacturers put in day in and day out but to help expose the truth about manufacturing. Too often, this industry is thought of as a dreary job, when, in fact, it’s an exciting career. To prevent this ideal of manufacturing being anything other than innovative, inspiring and rewarding, this special day gives us the opportunity to strut our stuff.

Metal Craft will be hosting a tour
on Tues Oct 6th from 2:00-7:00pm

This Manufacturing Day, October 2nd, we mfgday15encourage everyone to engage with young students. Now that STEM is being heavily pushed and early on throughout education, it may be easier than ever to expose the truth about how a career in manufacturing has many rewarding advantages to it. Whether they’re considering entering the industrial workforce or not, it’s up to us to promote the many benefits of manufacturing.

Allowing students to understand how working together to reach an end goal is at the heart of what it means to be a manufacturer. Showing students that products and parts are being made right in their local towns to be used around the country may help open their minds, answer their questions and trigger their interest in this wonderful industry.

We at Metal Craft & Riverside strive to promote manufacturing to our local youth not just on Manufacturing day but throughout the entire year. Whether it’s attending college job fairs, or inviting students to visit our facilities first hand, we are committed to stimulating the next generation into choosing manufacturing as their career choice. This
Manufacturing Day will be no different as we open our doors Tuesday, October 6th from 2:00- 7:00pm for a facility tour. We look forward to meeting with any attendees and to what the rest of the country’s manufacturers do to recognize this day.

Are you unsure where to start? Contact us orcheck out for tips and ideas on how you can contribute.

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Time for a Manufacturing Re-Brand

Often times, in the manufacturing world, the medical instrument manufacutringterm “manufacturing” gets a short-sighted explanation. It’s defined by Merriam-Webster as the process of making products especially with machines in factories. This is a very broad, dull, and unfair way to define an innovative and indispensable industry.

Manufacturing is not just production lines of machines and people pumping out large amounts of goods, it has come a long way from those traditional views. Nowadays manufacturing is much more exciting than ever before. It involves revolutionary technology, science, engineering, business, and marketing. In our modern age, we shouldn’t let old fashioned ideals of manufacturing prevent us from considering it as a potential career path.

The stigma that surrounds manufacturing is that of a dirty old job shop with grimy floors, oily machines and filth scattered throughout. Now picture this; high ceilings, spotless white floors and natural light beaming through a manufacturing facility each day. As you walk through a contemporary architecturally designed office, ‘Think Pods’ that allow space for designers and engineers to collaborate, modularize work and create connectivity throughout a workforce align the halls. Manufacturing today is modern. Manufacturing is clean. Manufacturing is innovative.

At Metal Craft & Riverside, we partner with many local communities to drive this message even further. We connect with local high schools, tech schools, and colleges in efforts to disrupt old interpretations of manufacturing. We encourage any interested students or graduates to consider choosing manufacturing as their professional field. We welcome them to tour our facilities to get a true sense of its culture and impact.

We also welcome any manufacturing professionals seeking employment to check out our openings. If you’re in search of a rewarding and challenging career that comes with the dignity of knowing your work is serving other major industries, an opportunity may await you at Metal Craft & Riverside. To join our mission of delivering quality metal parts for the aerospace, defense and medical industries check out our career center website.

Let’s rebrand manufacturing to what it should present; a meaningful, enjoyable, and innovative industry.

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Save the Date: June 25 Ribbon Cutting!

At Metal Craft and Riverside, our community is a large part of who we are. We’re actively involved, and we believe that much of our success comes from our supportive and thriving community.

As we grow, we actively encourage the members of our area to be a part of this growth, which includes the hiring of many local graduates. This also means welcoming all members of the community to join us when we celebrate. Therefore, we are very excited to do just that on June 25th, when we will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house at our new Riverside facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

We’ll welcome and involve all of our neighbors and friends, including the Chamber of Commerce, state and local government officials and local high school and college students—possibly future members of our team! We’ll be showing our guests what we do daily, who we are, and how they can benefit from rewarding careers in manufacturing and engineering.

Of course, we’ll also be doing a lot of celebrating! There will be food games, and prizes. The local news stations will be on site to document the festivities. Of course, everyone at Metal Craft and Riverside is very excited for the event. We can’t wait to cut the ribbon, open our doors, and continue to share our happiness and success with the members of our community. A community who has played a great role in it for many years, and will for many more years to come. For more information about this exciting event, please e-mail us at today!

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Save the Date: OMTEC 2015!

Now is an exceptionally exciting time in American manufacturing. Technology and innovation are driving the industry, making it as competitive and advanced as ever.

Nowhere is this more true true than in the field of medicine, where manufacturing technology is creating devices and techniques that are changing the world for the better. At Metal Craft and Riverside Machine & Engineering, we work with the world’s leaders in medical device manufacturing, delivering the precision, accuracy, and quality the industry demands.

We’re constantly staying on top of the latest news and topics while actively engaging with our clients and industry experts. One of the ways we do this is by attending and taking part in trade shows and events. We’re very excited about the upcoming 11th Annual Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference (OMTEC) in Chicago.

Taking place June 17-18, this event is renowned throughout the globe, bringing together the very best in orthopaedic device manufacturing and technology. There, we will be exhibiting at booth #314, getting face to face with our clients while working toward the goal of improving efficiency and working closely with our customers to go beyond their expectations.

But that’s not all. As members of the OMTEC Exhibitor Advisory Panel, we have a vested interest in the OMTEC mission, which is to empower the people involved in the manufacturing process since the inaugural conference in 2005. This means we are not only there to showcase our services, but to further the orthopaedic manufacturing industry’s goals, and to keep the innovation and success moving forward.

We’re confident that this year’s OMTEC will be as rewarding and inspiring as all of the previous years—if not more so—and we can’t wait to get there. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces and longtime friends and encourage you to stop by booth #314 and say hi!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get ISO Certified

In almost every industry, quality assurance is crucial to the success of a business; in manufacturing, quality assurance is everything. Especially in today’s highly competitive marketplace, in which “good enough” just doesn’t cut it, companies must be readily able to ensure the highest level of quality.

So if you’re wondering if you should become ISO certified, the answer is yes, and there are concrete reasons why. Here are three of them:

1) Guaranteed Quality:
ISO certification is the ultimate global benchmark for quality and performance. The standards set by ISO are recognized internationally, and serve as the greatest way of assuring across-the-board quality. According to ISO, the standards address “various aspects of quality management …[which] provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.”

So when you’re ISO certified, your customers have concrete proof that quality has been tested and is assured.

2) Uniform Management Procedures:
In order to become and stay ISO certified, a company must follow a strict set of guidelines and complete a thorough audit. This is a rigorous process, which in turn creates a set way of achieving goals and meeting requirements. The company becomes more organized in the process, and everyone is following a universal path to quality and success. Essentially, everyone is on the same page, and the work becomes more consistent and easier to manage.

3) Meeting Demand and Staying Competitive:
Quite simply, when it comes down to deciding between two companies, and one is ISO certified and the other is not, 99% of the time a customer will choose the ISO certified company. In this way, you’re staying ahead of your competition.

Furthermore, having met the demands and challenges of ISO auditing better enables you to meet your market and clients’ demands, and any challenges that come along the way.

In the end, you’ll see countless benefits from the decision, and so will your employees and customers. It’s hard work, but that’s what superior manufacturing is all about.

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The Overall Benefits Of A Merger

Heinz and Kraft, Zimmer and Biomet, Medtronic and Covidien all have been proving that mergers and acquisitions might be the latest trend.  Regardless of their industry niches’ many companies are merging and becoming a comprehensive entity.

The idea of combining two strong teams restores the notion of serving a wider range of customers.  By blending the talents, capabilities, and technologies of two companies they maximize their production and value.

At Metal Craft & Riverside, we believe there are vital key reasons why mergers are becoming more relevant today than in the past.

1. Focusing On Strengths
As two companies become one, there is a heavy focus on what strengths and weaknesses need revision.  When mergers are in the negotiation stage, many aspects are analyzed, however, one common thread is both companies are honest about one another’s strengths. They then hone in on them.  Instead of worrying about fixing weaknesses, they recognize the strengths of how businesses ran individually and maximize on those areas.

2. Larger Market Share and Cross Promoting
By combining companies, customers begin to merge as well. When both companies have a strong customer relationship, the merger will not affect their loyalty.  In fact, most mergers see an increase in opportunity to serve their customers with increased capabilities due to the shared technologies and information. They gain way more accessibility to cross promote and use that leverage to combine audiences.

3. Cut Cost
When two companies have similar services or products, costs are reduced.   By streamlining functionalities and (sometimes) combining locations, they can create a large reduction in cost. Couple this with their gained consumers, the profitability can increase.

4. Increased Capabilities
Many mergers benefit when the companies gain each other’s equipment, technologies, and expertise.  Whether one side has the equipment, and the other has better knowledge, many mergers thrive when they consolidate because they gain one another’s capabilities.  Research & development is one common department that greatly benefits from a merger. These gained capabilities directly relate back to honing in on one another’s strengths that when combined add great value to the overall new company.

5. Surviving
In some industries, it makes sense to have a merger for overall survival.  Often times the two separate companies compete with one another to maximize on the industry they both work in, it may be beneficial to join forces.

Strengths, larger customer-base, improved capabilities, and a better overall survival rate are all reasons why mergers have been so prevalent in recent news.  These are all great assets for both parties.    Consequently, mergers are a constructive way for two companies to be a collective firm and stay significant for the future.  MetalCraft & Riverside don’t think that we will see a shortage of mergers anytime soon.  Are there any other reasons you think mergers are becoming more prevalent than ever? Connect with us on twitter to add your comments on what benefits two companies becoming one in an acquisition!

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Metal Craft and Riverside Prepares to Attend Industry Tradeshows

Metal Craft and its Riverside Engineering facility are making giant strides in the field of machining, providing a wide range of services to guide companies who are reliant on machining expertise to thrive and maintain market share.

Vendors and service providers who like staying up to date with latest information, innovations and revolutions frequent tradeshows which not only provide a behind the scenes peek at the future development trends of a particular industry but which also act as fertile networking grounds, connecting the right people together and forging mutually beneficial relationships.

As a company that stays ahead, Metal Craft (and Riverside) attends a host of tradeshows every year, the most well noted which include The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting and OMTEC.

Metal Craft looks upon tradeshows as a huge opportunity to present its capabilities to the market. In keeping with that motivation and sentiment, AAOS and OMTEC will bear witness to:

Complex Assemblies – Taking the concept of production to the next level, Metal Craft assembles units with multiple components in standardized workflows so that quality and compliance can be monitored at each and every stage. This service is especially useful if the prototyping phase is followed by the production of a wide array of parts that must fit together with zero tolerance for mismatch.
Turning, Swiss and Gun Drilling – A repertoire of services which no medical equipment production process is complete without, Metal Craft takes pride in its expertise and team for the competent handling of Turning, Swiss and Gun drilling requirements. It uses high-pressure oils and ensures smooth chip free finishes. High precision holes are then used to produce cannulated screws, nails and drills with high repeatability.
Wire EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining or Wire EDM is an advanced machining technique. Medical equipment tends to demand a robust casing and superior finish that is rendered in hard materials. Metal Craft ensures that ionized water is used to flush out the debris that is left behind by charged wires, and the resulting finish is burr free.
Welding – Of interest to medical device manufacturers and the orthopaedic surgery community alike, Metal Craft offers Tig and Laser-beam welding of the highest quality in keeping with the project requirements of shape, metal density, final weight and other considerations. Live demonstrations of these revolutionary techniques will define the showcase of welding abilities.
Laser Etching & Passivation – Laser etching is the most leveraged technique with the help of which medical equipment is organized, traced and identified. The subsequent passivation process is mandatory if the etchings are to be protected from corrosion. Metal Craft is capable of rendering custom client logos on machine parts and specializes in ultrasonic cleaning of the created grooves.
CNC Milling, Machining, and Grinding – Metal Craft offers custom form drills, taps, and reamers rendered with increased efficiency through the use of 7 axis grinding equipment. The Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons has a vested interest in these capabilities which they regularly depend upon for the creation of joint reconstruction, trauma surgery, spine surgery and sports medicine components.

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the AAOS will exhibit the capabilities of participating members in Las Vegas over the 25th to 27th of March and OMTEC will take place in Chicago Convention Center over the 17th to 18th of June 2015.

Make sure you spend time perusing the stalls and demonstrations of Metal Craft to imbue your work with the know-how of top notch services and best practices.

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Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Heat Treating Capabilities at Riverside

Riverside Exterior

This past summer we opened our new Riverside Machine and Engineering facility, a 159,000 square foot section of a building located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, giving us the ability to offer our customers more services, space, development, and support.  We’re excited to be able to meet and exceed the following objectives:

  • To optimize the space to be able to provide improved flow for business needs in the Aviation, Space, & Defense and Medical Device markets. Our primary focus on two segments: Aluminum Vacuum Brazed products and Surgical/Medical Device manufacturing.
  • To execute the move with limited down time per machine, department, cell and personnel by using a planned, staged execution of take down, move, install, and qualification activities.
  • To maintain our commitment to our customers to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

We’re also thrilled to sharRiverside Furnacee with you our new and enhanced aluminum vacuum furnace brazing and heat-treating capabilities. Our process creates a leak-tight bond down to 10-7 STD cc/sec of helium, along with our non-corrosive, cleaner, and stronger joining methods. Vacuum brazing is perfect for oxidation-sensitive alloys that are commonly used in the Aviation, Apace,& Defense industriesRiverside Furnace.

Whatever your industry or application, our engineering staff will work as an extension of your team to deliver your desired results with our vacuum brazing prototype to production services. We also provide solution heat-treating and quenching of 6061 aluminum for the production of cold plates, heat sinks, and custom brazing projects. Every piece we manufacture complies with stringent industry specifications defined within the following: AWSC 3.7, MIL-B-7883, and AMS 2770.

Learn more about new facility and our aluminum vacuum furnace brazing and heat treating capabilities here.


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Manufacturing Day 2014

American manufacturing dates back to the early 1800s. The country was built on it. Yet in spite of this rich history, the majority of Americans have no idea what manufacturing is or how it plays a role in their everyday life. The inaccessibility of the industry makes it difficult to close this knowledge gap. Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of the issue and are working hard to make a positive change.

The Solution – MFG Day!

Manufacturing Day was created to address misconceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers the opportunity to open their doors to the general population. Manufacturing companies, through lectures and demonstrations, can educate the public about their industry in an organized and safe environment. Click here to find an event near you!

The Cause

On this special day, manufacturers can shed light on their growing shortage of skilled labor. The day also offers them an opportunity to connect with future generations of workers. As areas of the country change from manufacturing-based economies to knowledge-based economies, it is important that manufacturing companies are able to recruit new employees and educate graduates about the benefits of a career in the manufacturing industry.

While many might be quick to dismiss manufacturing as a blue collar industry, they probably don’t know that 90% of manufacturing workers have medical benefits, the average salary of a manufacturing employee is $77,000, and manufacturers have the highest job tenure in the private sector. Manufacturing Day is supported by a group of industry sponsors and co-sponsors and was designed to allow manufacturers to draw attention to their common concerns and challenges.

Why the Interest?

American manufacturing accounts for a large portion of the American economy. Changes in the industry have direct effects on the economy and national security. In 2013, manufacturing contributed $2.08 trillion to the US economy. Millions of Americans depend on the industry for their livelihood. More than 12 million Americans (9% of the US workforce) are employed in manufacturing.

Staying Involved

There are plenty of ways to stay involved during the month of October. A wide number of events are taking place throughout the country, and a full list can be seen on

Here’s one example of how a manufacturing company is becoming more engaged with the public: Metal Craft, a leading partner in custom precision manufacturing, works with a variety of schools such as Dunwoody College of Technology, St. Cloud Technical College, and Alexandria Technical College. The company attends career fairs and provides engineers as instructors at the schools.

Manufacturing Day is the rallying point for a growing mass movement. Manufacturers and schools are coming together as a united front to ensure = continued prosperity and to help =communities and future generations thrive.

American Manufacturing Infographic

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