Yoda and Metal Craft Reveal Manufacturing’s Hottest Trends

Do you remember how you felt after seeing Star Wars for the first time? If you are of a certain age to remember when the movie was first released you remember that sense of awe. It was an adventure movie that harkened back to old time westerns but with concepts of the future. Back then, those robots and technologies were just fantasy but almost 40 years later we have integrated many of those ideas into our everyday lives.

So, lets’ look at how some of the ideas from Star Wars are hot trends in today’s manufacturing industry.

Robotics: Just like R2-D2 and C-3PO, robots are our friends. Robotics are a huge part of today’s manufacturing operations and add benefits such as added productivity with minimal impact on costs. Increasing operating efficiency gives a company a competitive edge in the marketplace. Lights out manufacturing, a methodology of fully automated processes, allows companies to integrate robotic systems into the line to continue production without workers constantly manning the machines.

Just like in the movie, robots work with humans to improve the operation of the plant. At Metal Craft, we use robotics for lights out manufacturing allowing us to run production 24/7 through automated systems.

Automation: Today’s robots don’t have the capability to think for themselves, yet, so they rely on the systems created by humans to run effectively and efficiently. It takes experienced workers, programmers, and careful planning to set up a lights out manufacturing environment. This is now a high-tech industry that relies on humans and machines to work together. The ability to run 24/7 enables long-term success of day-to-day operations.

Internet of Things (IoT): The internet can be a place of mystery and dark forces and some might consider it to be like the Dark Side. But Vader isn’t representative of the internet. It is more like a Jedi Knight who works toward guarding peace and justice. The internet brings people together, connects businesses to solutions, and communicates ideas. Utilizing the IoT connects machines with humans so that the two can work more closely together in unity and harmony, just as Yoda had hoped for.

Metal Craft delivers simple solutions for complex projects. Our custom precision manufacturing capabilities serve the medical device and implant manufacturing industries. When you need help and Han Solo isn’t around, give us a call. The Force is strong with us!

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