Complex Assembly Services

100% in-house completion, right here in Minnesota.

We have intentionally kept the means to take on the responsibility of complex assembly on-site, within our facility, for more than 30 years. Our work goes beyond fulfilling requirements. Here at Metal Craft, we partner with you to achieve top form, fit, and function.

Complex Assembly Services

Product Fabrication


From the manufacturing process through final assembly and testing, our engineers and inspectors work together to achieve ultimate functionality and usability.

When you work with Metal Craft for complex assembly, you’ll get:

  • Multi-level assembly capabilities.
  • Improved quality control.
  • 35+ years of assembly experience.

Our complex assembly services are here for you. Contact our team today by emailing, calling 800.964.1395, or completing a request for a complimentary quote. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.